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Paver Patio Pressure Washing and Sealing Services

Paver Patio Cleaning and Sealing Services - Enhance your curb appeal


Where We Service

We Provide Pressure Washing Services To - 

Johnstown, PA

Windber, PA

Portage, PA

Somerset, PA

Altoona, PA

Greensburg, PA

State College, PA

Irwin, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Cranberry Township, PA

and More!

Paver Patio Sealing

Enhance your paver patio or driveway with pressure washing services accompanied with Paver Sealing. Our sealers are made to last between 3-7 years based on if your pavers have been sealed before.

Sealing your pavers can help prevent moisture building up - helping to stop algae, mildew, moss, and more from growing. Paver Sealers can also add another of enhancement by making the pavers looking wet or glossy. WE ALWAYS ADD ANTI-SLIP.

Paver Patio Pressure Washing and Sealing - Anti-Slip paver sealer - Paver Moss Removal
Paver Patio Polymeric Sand Application Services

Paver Sanding and Leveling

While your paver patio may need pressure washed - we always make sure to re-sand the patio to ensure fast growth of moss and weeds does not happen. We use polymeric sand to ensure the most durable finish possible. We will even re-level your pavers to ensure the best finish.

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